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Blue Fig, Amman


Through-the-window-espresso-bar shot at one of Amman’s most successful coffee bars

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Wild Jordan, Amman


Although most buildings in Amman are beige, the inside is often surprisingly colorful

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Begonia Saj, Amman


In Amman, there is an obsession with beige buildings and wooden restaurant doors. Like every dive is a fort.

Pizza Time, St. Augustine

Grande_Cheese_Company_St_Augustine-impGarlic knots and pin-striped pizza makers in St. Augustine’s historic downtown


Gas, St. Augustine


A Slow Food burger joint named Gas, with the appropriate door handles

Tini Martini Bar, St. Augustine


Every corner in St. Augustine’s historic downtown has a Bed & Breakfast. This one is called Casablanca

Scarlett O’Hara’s, St. Augustine, Florida


Next door is Rhett’s (seriously).

Gaufres et Goods, St. Augustine, FL


This Polish-German bakery serves Belgian waffles. This family seems to dig it.

Bar des Théâtres, Paris


Sometimes a seemingly simple Parisian bistro holds within it a story of movie stars, theatre-goers, and the city of a bygone era

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Beit Sitti, Amman

Beit_Sitti_Amman-impBeit Sitti means “my grandmother’s house” in Arabic. This restaurant teaches Middle Eastern cuisine in one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods

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Olivia, Amman

Oliva_Amman-impA warm sweater and a warm pizza can be the perfect companions on a cold day


Mangez! in Paris

Manger_Bistro_Paris-impEach waiter’s reaction here is great: friendly, suspicious, unaware


Il Cane Roso, San Francisco

Il_Canne_Russo_San_Francisco-impBrown paper menus are a sign of fresh food

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KFC, Tahrir Square, Cairo


This is what Tahrir Square in Cairo looked like just 3 years ago. Quite a bit different now


Jafra, Amman

Devour Blog


Amman’s old district, al balad, is a treasure trove of good food

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Barbar, Beirut

Barbar is Beirut’s most famous street food joint, specializing in man’ousheh. This was taken at around 10am, but there’s still a crowd

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Seehaus, Munich

This restaurant in Munich’s Englischer Garten took 3 hours to find

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Starbelly, San Francisco

Recycled art in San Francisco

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Mission Pie, San Francisco

The Mission District in San Francisco: Victorian houses, Latin grocers, and fabulous pie

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Tiny Boxwood’s, Houston, Texas

Do you think that woman meant to mimic the Tiny Boxwood’s mascot on purpose? Take a look inside


Auberge, La Réunion

Auberge, La Réunion

The restaurant/cafe of a mountaintop inn where hikers spend the night, above the clouds


Le P’tit Zinc, La Réunion

A pre-party restaurant in Réunion. The guy in the white shirt is Charlie, who feels at home no matter the country


Blue Margouillat, La Réunion

Blue Margouillat, La Réunion

A fusion French-Creole restaurant located in a hilltop island inn

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Le Relais de l’Entrecote, Paris

Le Relais de l'Entrecote, Paris

An intimidating Parisian waitress

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La Jacobine, Paris

Homemade pastries in a French restaurant off boulevard Saint Germain

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Creperie Le Petit Josselin, Paris

You would never guess, from the outside of this creperie, that it’s this busy on the inside

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La Bonne Soupe, New York City

A French-style soup restaurant in New York, seems to attract a certain clientele. The woman’s tanktop is very Parisian

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Goat Town, New York City

East Village hospitality

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Cinq-Mars, Paris

This place is absolutely hidden away from any commotion, but inside it’s so full of people it practically breeds warmth

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