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Blue Fig, Amman


Through-the-window-espresso-bar shot at one of Amman’s most successful coffee bars

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Wild Jordan, Amman


Although most buildings in Amman are beige, the inside is often surprisingly colorful

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Automat, Amman

Automat_Amman-impThis is Automat. Where young American expats get to practice their Arabic with the king’s barber (true story)


Butcher Shop, Amman

Butcher_shop_Amman-impAll cleaned up after a long day of work. Tiles like the blue ones are found in traditional kitchens here in Jordan


Begonia Saj, Amman


In Amman, there is an obsession with beige buildings and wooden restaurant doors. Like every dive is a fort.

Gingerbread House, Marriott Christmas Market, Amman

Marriott_Christmas_Market_Amman-imp(gingerbread)windowdining. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Beit Sitti, Amman

Beit_Sitti_Amman-impBeit Sitti means “my grandmother’s house” in Arabic. This restaurant teaches Middle Eastern cuisine in one of Amman’s oldest neighborhoods

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Olivia, Amman

Oliva_Amman-impA warm sweater and a warm pizza can be the perfect companions on a cold day


Fruit Stand, Amman

Fruit_Stand_Amman-impImprovised art: Paper confetti between the grapefruits and a bunch of bananas on a swing rope


Caffè Strada, Amman


An Italian haven on Amman’s Rainbow Street. My favorite cafe in the city.

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Holiday Souq Fann, Amman

Holiday_Souq_Fann_Amman-impJordan’s way of celebrating Christmas. “Souq fann” means art market– there were homemade caramels, almond brittle, candied apples, and cupcakes


Jafra, Amman

Devour Blog


Amman’s old district, al balad, is a treasure trove of good food

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La Poutchi, Amman

La_Poutchi_chocolate_Amman-impThe chocolate corner in Amman’s historical Jebel Weibdeh neighborhood



Caffe Strada, Amman

One of Rainbow Street’s well-humored cafes

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