Sarah windowdining

Hi, I’m Sarah, a food shop photographer. windowdining came about by chance: my career as a management consultant had me traveling the world, and in between client meetings I found myself exploring each city’s food scene on foot, camera in hand. My stomach led the way and showed me the cities’ secrets: restaurants for rendezvous, cafés for casual catch-ups, bakeries stock-piled with bread…

And so I started posting photos. A clever friend made the observation that the French expression for window shopping, “faire du lèche-vitrines,” also literally means “to lick the windows.” And that’s how windowdining’s tagline was born.

Le Relais de l'Entrecote, ParisEach photo here captures, in some way, the essence of a place. Consider, for example, this picture taken through the window of Paris’ famous steak house, L’Entrecôte. The waitress, hunched over with exhaustion from a day on her feet, impatiently waits for an order from a family of tourists who are there probably not only to sample the famous steak-frites but also try a bit of the wine (you can see a bottle of it on the left, which is in fact the reason L’Entrecôte was originally opened– to sell the de Saurs family wine).

Everything about this picture screams Paris: the poster in the back, the cramped tables, the miniature lampshades…

Food shops are the literal and figurative window into each city’s spirit. So thank you for visiting windowdining and joining our globe-trotting community of window diners. Feel free to comment on photos, or just take a peek into the food shops of the world.

p.s. I also tell food stories on occasion, which you can read at Devour Blog.


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